Weekend is just around the corner and whilst you may be frantically planning your outfits for any events or just for a casual daily activities your make up looks are just as important for packing that bright lipsticks punch.

For any hijabi, putting the right amount off makeup is very important to make sure you always look on point.

We give you 5 basic makeup tips to start the day.

  1. Flawless Foundation. – It is very important to have a flawless foundation. Always!!. Choose a suitable foundation according your skin tone. You will never want to look like a panda with different skin patches.
  2. Eyeliner – A thin line of eyeliner is enough just to pop out your eyes. If you are a ‘dramatic eye’ kind of girl, get to know the shape of wing that suits you.
  3. Mascara – Your have eyeliner on, and now its time for some mascara. A thin layer of mascara will never over do your makeup.
  4. Blusher – Apply some blusher on your cheekbone. A nice pinkish colour on your cheek can bright up your day!!.
  5. Lipstick – Last but not least, lipstick. Choose what any colour that suits you the best.

Have a fun weekend girls!!!

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