Most women who wear hijab doesn’t care much about their hair just because it will be under the scarf and no one will get to see it.

However, little did they know, women wearing hijab need to put more attention to their hair compare to non-wearing hijab. The most common issue that raised by hijabi is they often had hair lost problem, oily scalp, spilt end and unpleasant hair odour.

So, here some tips we share and hope you readers get benefit from it!.

  1. Wash your hair frequently

Make sure you wash your hair at least twice a week (for long hair). The more frequent is better. Washing the hair make our head fresh and it will wash away all the odour, dirt and clear the oily scalp. There is women who let their hair unwashed for weeks. Don’t ever do that!.

  • Choose the best hair product for your hair

Identify your hair type and use product that suit your hair. Three basic products that compulsory for women is shampoo, conditioner and hair serum.

  • Dry your hair

Make sure you dry your hair before putting hijab. Use hair dryer to avoid any moisture on the scalp or hair. Wet hair can cause damage to hair if u put hijab on especially for long hour.

  • Spend for hair product.

Even though our hair is not for public to see, it is still important for us to take care of it. Our spouse deserved to see a nice hair rather than smelly frizzy hair.

  • Visit salon

We do need pampering once in a while. Visit your local hair salon to have some hair treatment or just wash and blow. It just because we deserve it.

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