Its February 1st and it is World Hijab Day!, Do you remember the first day you wear a  hijab? Some hijabi starts from the early age but to some, it came a little bit late. But there is never too late for something right?

World Hijab Day is an annual event founded by Nazma Khan, a New York resident, in 2013. Nazma who is from Bangladesh, came to New York at the age of 11 years old where she found herself being the only hijabi in middle school. She remembers her experience as a difficult one.

As for all Muslim around the world, Islamophobia is not something new. A simple gesture of Islam could cause fear as Muslim is considered as terrorists especially after the 9/11 attacks. By just wearing a hijab also can create discrimination and racism.

For that reason, Nazma came up with the idea of World Hijab Day to educate non-Muslim about hijab and as a recognition of Muslim women around the world who choose to wear the hijab and live a life of modesty.

In 2018, World Hijab Day Organization became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The mission of the organization is to fight discrimination against Muslim women through awareness and education.

It’s estimated that people in 190 countries take part in World Hijab Day every year including Malaysia.

Muslim in Malaysia faced less discrimination compared to other country because 61% of the population is Muslim, so wearing a hijab is not something that will bring any problem.

Wearing a hijab is about covering the head and chest worn by Muslim women that conforms to Islamic standards of modesty.

As a Muslim women, we have been told since we were kids to cover our ‘aurat’ and wear a hijab whenever we leave the house or in the presence of any male outside of our immediate family.

In yesteryears, wearing a hijab is just about that and nothing fancy. Just a piece of cloth to cover your head and hair.

Hijab wearing nowadays has become a huge trend. Hijab industry is growing rapidly, giving the chance to the Muslims women around the world to be both, stylist and modest.

In Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei, hijab is one of a lucrative business in fashion industry and the hijabi willing to spend certain amount of money to buy their favourite headscarf.

Various hijab design and style can be found in the market and this three Muslim country is leading the way of hijab fashion in the world.

Now, the hijab fashion industry is more than ready to be in the same stage as the others in high fashion industries.

Let’s be part of the celebration and don’t forget the hashtag #empowerinhijab!!

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