Bokitta’s Hijab Design are Fashionable, Pinless and Ready to Wear

All our signature hijabs are INSTANT.

  • No pins required at all.
  • Easy to wear.
  • Includes a matching inner.
  • Fully opaque 100% soft cotton lining.
  • The elastic under the chin is designed in a concealed way to stretch and fit any head size.

We have 6 styles now: Voila, VoilaMaxi, Chic, ChicMaxi, Taj and TajMaxi.


  • The classic timeless wrap – this one is the same as than VoilaMaxi but shorter in length. Voila is an instant short hijab that covers up to the beginning of the chest area.


  • The classic timeless wrap – one of the most worn hijab styles all over the world. This style looks great with all face shapes and our instant fits all sizes. The VoilaMaxi provides chest coverage.


  • Wrapped hijab style like the VoilaMaxi but this one has a long size. This style provides good coverage, and if you prefer the hijab to be short, then you need to check the Voila Hijab. This is suitable for tall women, women with round faces mostly.


  • Wrapped hijab style with a longer side, but this one is in longer length then the chic, ensuring more coverage. If you’re looking for shoulder and chest coverage, then the ChicMaxi pinless hijab style is the one you should be looking at.

TAJ; The new patented pinless wrapped hijab styles

  • Our aim is to provide you with a stylish yet 100% instant pinless, wrapped hijab that can be styled in at least 5 different ways enabling you to change your look.
  • TAJ hijab styles come in 2 length; short (TAJ) & long (TAJMAXI).
  • One size fits all.
  • No pins needed at all for fitting.
  • If you’re looking for extra chest coverage, you can choose TAJMAXI instead TAJ

TAJ; Inner